Golden Eagle Release

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"All good things are wild and free." - Henry David Thoreau

This beautiful golden eagle was released back to the wild on Sunday, September 25, 2016. 

This golden eagle arrived at LTWC this summer, emaciated and unable to fly properly. Our veterinarian, Dr. Kevin Willitts, examined the eagle and determined that it had no broken bones, which was welcome news.

Our first step in rehabilitating him was to help him gain weight. We intubated him initially, then once he was able to eat on his own, began to feed him a regular diet of meat, just as he would eat in the wild.

Once he had gained enough weight and strength, the eagle started flight lessons. These lessons are a vital part of eagle rehabilitation – they allow eagles to build their muscles and cardio vascular system, and provide us with insight about how well they are responding to rehabilitation efforts. The eagle was exercised several times a week at Lake Tahoe Golf Course, where volunteers would allow him to fly for increasingly long spans, while still tethered.

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After weeks of successful rehabilitation and flight training, this eagle was ready to survive on its own. A group of over 80 people joined us at Carson Pass to see the event for themselves. Volunteer Mike Kenney, who had worked with the eagle for weeks leading up to its release, launched the bird back out off the precipice overlooking Red Lake. Once released, the eagle soared over the crowd, once again free to live its life in the wild.

All of us at LTWC cherish these releases – this is what LTWC is all about!

It takes weeks of veterinary services, medical care and rehabilitation services to get us here. Please help support our work with a donation.

Release day photos (click on any to open full-size in new tab).

Release photos courtesy of John Adamski.

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Videography courtesy of Merick Rickman Photography. Video edited by First Tracks Productions.