Help Our Bears


LTWC is the only facility in Northern California permitted to care for injured and orphaned black bear cubs.

Each year, LTWC receives orphaned bear cubs in need of care, typically in the spring an summer. In 2014, we received a record 13 cubs! We raise each cub in our care until they are able to survive on their own as wild bears.

Many of these cubs have lost their mothers as a result of direct or indirect human activity, such as wildfires, car accidents or depredation. They often arrive underweight and in need of medical care. We have successfully treated and released two bear cubs severely burned in wildfires (see our Survivors page).  Without LTWC, these little cubs would be lost.

But we cannot do it alone. Bear cubs are expensive to raise — each cub eats about $100 of food a week! Please make a contribution to LTWC and help us continue to raise, rehabilitate and release these beautiful animals so that they may return to the wild where they belong.

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An orphaned bear cub at LTWC.
5lb bear cub arrives at LTWC, April 15, 2014. Photo courtesy of Dan Thrift.
Bear cubs