Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care is an independent, nonprofit volunteer organization that relies on help from its supporters. Every orphaned animal we raise, every injured animal we rehabilitate, every healthy animal we release back to the wild -- all rely on the generosity of people just like you.

There are many ways you can help support LTWC! Click on any option below to learn more.

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LTWC relies on the support of donors like you.

Your donation to LTWC goes directly to helping the hundreds of wild birds and animals we care for each year. Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care is publicly-recognized nonprofit organization in accordance with IRS Section 501(c)3. Our Tax ID #94-2799765. Your gift is tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

A golden eagle, about to be released.
LTWC volunteers working on Li'l Smokey, a burned orphaned bear cub.

About Supporting LTWC

Who needs to support us? You!
As our communities spread outward and the forests and wetlands diminish, the survival of our remaining wildlife becomes critical. Without your financial support, many injured or orphaned creatures who desperately need help will be turned away. If these animals, cannot be adequately cared for, the loss affects us all.

Please! Help us to help them. Let us not lose the pleasure of listening to songbirds, watching the flight of wild geese, and knowing that when we walk in the forest, we are not alone.

Where do the funds go?
Funds are used to purchase food, medical supplies, veterinary assistance and housing. Special formulas are needed for the raising of infant mammals and birds. All injured wildlife receive immediate medical attention. For the best possible care, adequate and safe housing is provided. Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc. also provides community education by presenting illustrated and informative lectures to local schools and service clubs, giving children (and adults) a good start in wildlife awareness.

Interested in Volunteering? 
LTWC needs volunteers from all walks of life to help with fundraisers and events, as well as just about anything and everything that is involved in running a wildlife center! If you can donate a talent or service, or just a little free time that you’re willing to donate to a good cause, visit our Volunteer page for more information.