Young eagle being released back to the wild.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care releases hundreds of healthy animals back to the wild every year.

Our goal with every injured and orphaned animal we receive is to release them back to the wild, as healthy animals able to fend for themselves. Share in some of these beautiful moments, below.

Chico Cubs 2016

These two siblings, orphaned when their mother was mistakenly killed, are back in the wild after 9 months with LTWC!


Seven mergansers, released after being raised at LTWC for several weeks, enjoy their first taste of freedom!

Bear Release

Two black bears, who arrived at LTWC as small orphans, are released as strong, healthy young adults ready to live their lives as wild bears.

A golden eagle, about to be released.

A young bald eagle, just starting to get its white head feathers, soars off to its new life as a wild bird.

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