Bear Cub Release

These two cubs, named Tahoe and Brockaway (for the locations where they were found), came to LTWC as small orphans. They spent several months with us — eating, growing and playing together — until they were old and large enough to fend for themselves as wild bears.

The bears are sedated and loaded into a truck, which takes them to a remote release location. During their release, LTWC volunteers help scare the cubs away to keep them wary of humans.

We wish them the best of luck on their adventures!

Successful releases back to the wild — like this one — are vital to LTWC’s mission!

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More Photos and Video

Photos of Tahoe during her stay at LTWC.

Video of Tahoe (taken during her first week at LTWC). She is “chortling,” a sound bear cubs make when they are happy.