In the summer of 2014, a yearling bear cub from Washington State was found with severely burned paws.

Because of LTWC’s success with Li’l Smokey, the bear cub ‘Cinder’ was transported by plane to the LTWC facility.

Cinder made a full recovery and was released in Washington in the spring of 2015.

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[cq_vc_ihover images=”3566,3575,3574,3572,3567,3573,3570,3568,3571,3576,3569″ thumbtitle=”Cinder” thumbdesc=”Cinder after being rescued and examined in the state of Washington.,Cinder inside a crate waiting to be transported by plane to LTWC.,One of Cinder’s four burned paws.,Dr. Kevin Willitts and Executive Director Cheryl Millham give Cinder a full exam and re-dress her severely burned paws upon arrival.,Cinder is placed on a pillow after being sedated to have bandages changed. Her wounds were initially cleaned and dressed every 2 days.,One month after Cinder’s arrival – the bottom portion of her pad is healing well.,Two months in – Cinder’s paws are healing rapidly and a full recovery is expected. ,Cinder standing in her enclosure bandage-free.,Four months after arriving at LTWC – Cinder’s burns have healed.. ,Cinder is sedated and examined for her transfer to Idaho Black Bear Rehab (IBBR). She will spend the winter there while her pads continue to heal and toughen. ,Cinder was released on June 4 2015 back into the wilderness of Washington State. ” shape=”square” effect=”effect3″ direction1=”left_to_right” direction2=”top_to_bottom” direction3=”from_top_and_bottom” onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self” itemwidth=”400″ margin=”0 16px 0 0″ colored=”” retina=”” itemheight=”300″ outeroffset=”0″]