Li’l Smokey

In June 2008, firefighter Adam Deem rescued a burned and frightened bear cub in the aftermath of the Moon fire in Northern California. The cub, dubbed Li’l Smokey, was transported to LTWC for care.

Li’l Smokey was examined by LTWC volunteer vet Dr. Kevin Willitts and executive director Cheryl Millham. The little cub was in bad shape: his paws were severely burned, most of his claws were gone and he weighed only 8 pounds.

Because there were no documented cases of treating bear cubs with burned paws, LTWC used a different treatment solution on each paw to determine which would be the most effective. Smokey’s burns required intensive care, including frequent bandage changes and examination.

Over the next several months, the claws and pads on Smokey’s paws slowly regenerated and healed, and he began putting on weight just like a normal cub.

On February 5, 2009, Li’l Smokey was released back to the wild. He was tracked via ear tag for the first year and was found thriving as a wild bear.

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[cq_vc_ihover images=”1797,3218,648,3219,3220,3221,3222,3223,3224,3225,3226,3227,3228″ thumbtitle=”First exam,First exam,Finally resting,Lunch,Paw treatment,Waking up,One month later,One month later,Moving up…,Two and a half months in,Nearly there,4 months in,Release day” thumbdesc=”Dr. Kevin Willitts exams Li’l Smokey shortly after the tiny cub’s arrival.,Li’l Smokey’s burned paws are examined.,Li’l Smokey rests after a long day of travel and treatment. ,Smokey initially stayed in a pet carrier to minimize movement.,Dr. Willitts treats one of Li’l Smokey’s four burned paws.,Li’l Smokey enjoys licking peach nectar while waking from sedation.,Li’l Smokey’s wounds are beginning to heal thanks to intensive burn care. ,Adam Deem reunites with Li’l Smokey a month after his rescue. ,Li’l Smokey is upgraded to a small enclosure with a little more room.,Li’l Smokey’s paws are healing well.,Smokey graduates to a large enclosure and no longer needs boots. ,Li’l Smokey’s paws continue to heal and his pads begin to toughen.,Li’l Smokey was released on February 5 2009 back into the wild. ” shape=”square” effect=”effect3″ direction1=”left_to_right” direction2=”top_to_bottom” direction3=”from_top_and_bottom” onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self” itemwidth=”400″ margin=”0 16px 0 0″ colored=”” retina=”” itemheight=”300″ outeroffset=”0″]