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Our Mission: Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Release

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Giving Nature a Helping Hand

We give mother nature a helping hand by raising and rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife so they may be released back to the wild. Our 27-acre site includes a state-of-the-art animal care facility as well as sophisticated enclosures, allowing us to care for–and successfully release–more injured and orphaned animals.



Raccoon with a bottle





Community Education

What’s New

Snack time is the best time!! 🥕🤎

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Take a look at patient #24-40 (Eaglet #19) as it grows! At first, it had soft, white down feathers for warmth, but not flight. Now it`s swapping them for darker, sturdier juvenile feathers, crucial for flying. Check out the transformation in the photo!

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Are you interested in volunteering? Applications are NOW open! Visit the link in our bio to learn more about how you can get involved with LTWC and make a meaningful difference in the lives of our wildlife patients!

This year brings a significant change: volunteer applications will be ongoing and continuous, marking a milestone worth celebrating!

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Roses can be prickly just like Porky, but the heart wants what it wants 🌹💛

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Yesterday was an eventful day for Em and Eaglet #24-40 (Eaglet #19)! Em shows genuine curiosity about feeding the eaglet, making tentative attempts to pick up its food before hesitating and stepping back.

Despite the uncertainty, this moment marks progress! Every attempt aids the eaglet in imprinting on its own species, crucial for its survival and integration.

As we witness these remarkable moments, we’re reminded of the importance of our work. Your support during this busy season is especially vital. Donations help preserve wildlife populations, ensuring every patient, like Eaglet #19, thrives. Join us in making a difference today!

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We’ve received several questions about who will feed Eaglet #24-40 (Eaglet #19). Will Em, our ambassador, feed the eaglet, or will our rehabilitation staff?

We use choice-based training methods for all our ambassadors. Therefore, if Em chooses to feed the eaglet, our staff will refrain from intervening, provided that the eaglet’s development isn’t hindered and its weight continues to increase. Since this is Em’s first experience as a foster parent, our staff is currently providing feeding to the eaglet while we observe Em’s interest closely. Plus, we always use full-coverage masks during interactions to minimize habituation.

Stay tuned for a special interaction video between Em and #24-40 tomorrow!

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Today, as we honor the remarkable bond between mothers and their offspring, we`re reminded of the invaluable role mothers play in the wild. During the baby season and beyond, our dedicated staff and volunteers act as surrogate mothers to orphaned babies, providing them with round-the-clock care.

If you encounter injured or orphaned wildlife, don`t hesitate to give us a call at (530) 577-CARE as we safeguard wildlife together.

From our nest to yours, Happy Mother`s Day! 💖🌿

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Watch Em and Eaglet #24-40 (known as Eaglet #19) at one of their first interactions! You can see Em’s curiosity and the eaglets vocalization and recognization of Em.

In their initial meeting, the eaglet jumped out of their nest to try to get to Em in it’s unsteady wobbly hops!

#wildlife #animal #eaglet #baldeagle #raptor

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Wow, Porky`s a pro at stepping onto the scale for her weigh-in!

Porky`s skill goes beyond routine—it`s a result of positive reinforcement training, benefiting her well-being and our educational goals. This choice-based approach empowers her, fostering engagement, trust, and overall welfare.

Why is this skill important? Here`s why:

1. Health Monitoring: Regular weigh-ins help track her health, detecting any changes in diet or exercise.
2. Educational Impact: Demonstrating behaviors like scaling a scale captivates our audience, fostering empathy and educating about wildlife welfare.
3. Enrichment: Choice-based training enriches her life, boosting her confidence and well-being.

Scaling is a reminder of the profound impact positive reinforcement methods have on nurturing strong bonds and promoting animal welfare!

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Did you guess who our very first baby patients of the year are?

They`re Mountain Cottontails! They were brought to our wildlife hospital after their nest was disturbed by a dog. Initially, they arrived with closed eyes and very little fur. Now, just a week later, they`re fully furred with their eyes wide open, thanks to our dedicated care team providing round-the-clock attention and feedings. With a positive prognosis, these patients will soon be self-feeding and developing their foraging habits, on their journey to release into the wild.

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Our baby season is here! Can you guess the first babies of the season? You can spot them in the photo!

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Did you hear!? Porky is a

GIRL! After a few years of assuming Porky was male, we were able to genetically test her quills and sequence them, revealing that Porky is actually a female!

Look at her enjoy her gender reveal cake!
#wildlife #porcupine #animal #ambassador #environment

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📢 Don`t Forget! Our Born to Be Wild Baby Shower is TOMORROW! 🎉 Join us for a day filled with fun activities, educational presentations, and more as we celebrate the wonders of wildlife. 🐾

🗓️ Date: Saturday, April 20th
🕙 Time: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
📍 Location: 1551 Al Tahoe Blvd., South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

It`s not too late to show your support and make a difference! Every contribution, no matter how small, helps us protect and preserve our wild neighbors for generations to come.

Check out the links in our bio to find our wishlist & more details about the event!

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As the days lengthen and temperatures climb, our outdoor adventures increase. However, it`s essential to recognize that we`re not alone in emerging from winter hibernation. Bears, especially mother bears with their young cubs, are awakening and becoming more active.

To ensure the safety of both humans and bears, here are some essential tips for being bear-aware:

1. Stay Alert: Be vigilant and continuously aware of your surroundings.
2. Make Noise: Bears typically avoid humans. Talk, sing, or use bear bells while hiking to announce your presence.
3. Keep Your Distance: Stay at least 100 yards away from bears, especially mother bears with cubs. Never approach them.
4. Respect Wildlife: Refrain from feeding or approaching bears. Respect their space and natural behaviors.
5. Secure your Food: Keep garbage cans and pet food indoors to avoid attracting bears. Don`t forget to bring in bird feeders as well.

By being bear-aware and demonstrating respect for their space, we ensure not only our safety but also contribute to the preservation of their home! 🐻

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Did you know that baby Rock Pigeons hatch covered in bright yellow down feathers? Yes, you read that right – completely yellow! These fluffy feathers serve a crucial role, providing insulation and helping regulate the chicks` body temperature during their vulnerable early days.

As they mature, these downy feathers are gradually replaced by the gray plumage characteristic of adult pigeons. In the attached photo, you can still spot some of those distinctive yellow feathers!

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Check out those hungry little ones!

Don’t miss the chance to support our baby shower. We have an array of essential food products on our wishlist! Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a real difference. Visit the link in our bio!

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Did you know baby raccoons are born with an exceptional sense of smell? From finding their mother’s milk to locating food, this olfactory sense is crucial for their survival and communication. Their sense of smell remains vital as they grow, guiding their interactions and helping them navigate their environment.

At our wildlife hospital, we foster their development by encouraging natural behaviors such as foraging. Don’t forget, if you want to support wildlife like this baby raccoon during baby season, join our Born to Be Wild Baby Shower. Learn more in our bio ! 🦝🌿

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Every year, hundreds of wild baby animals are brought to us in desperate need – whether due to sickness, injury, or being orphaned. In their hour of need, it is your unwavering support that becomes their lifeline.

Join us at our Born to Be Wild Baby Shower on Saturday, April 20th, from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. This family-friendly event welcomes all ages and is free to the public, but donations are encouraged. Attendees can enjoy educational presentations, insights from our rehabilitation staff, and a special reveal of Porky, our beloved ambassador porcupine`s gender reveal!

Can’t make it? You can still support local wildlife by donating online or dropping off supplies at our center. Thank you for your generosity!

To donate items from our wishlist and find additional details about the event, please visit the link in our bio!

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Living with Wildlife in the Tahoe Basin

The Lake Tahoe region is known as being one of the most beautiful places on earth, known for its stunning natural splendor. It’s no surprise that so many people chose to live and visit here! Wildlife are a fundamental part of our region’s environment, and knowing that we are sharing the area with so many beautiful animals is part of what makes this area so special for many of us. Yet, sharing our space with wildlife can bring its own set of challenges. Our bears are adept at getting human food from trash containers, woodpeckers can become house-peckers, and your dog may just come home with a face full of quills if she gets too close to a porcupine. Click below to learn more about the most common human-wildlife conflicts in our area and what you can do to avoid or address these issues yourself.

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