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Our Mission: Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Release

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Giving Nature a Helping Hand

We give mother nature a helping hand by raising and rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife so they may be released back to the wild. Our 27-acre site includes a state-of-the-art animal care facility as well as sophisticated enclosures, allowing us to care for–and successfully release–more injured and orphaned animals.



Raccoon with a bottle





Community Education

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Happy World Wildlife Day!

Today, we`re filled with gratitude for our incredible community that continues to make a meaningful impact on wildlife conservation. Your unwavering dedication has been instrumental in providing injured and orphaned animals with a second chance at life. Together, we`ve witnessed the heartwarming journey of recovery and release, creating countless success stories for our wildlife friends.

Thank you for being tireless advocates for wildlife, both big and small!

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Check out that killer smile...literally! Bobcats are carnivores, equipped with a dental toolkit that`s not only impressive but also highly functional. At the front, their sharp incisors are perfect for snagging and tearing up meals. As we move along, those big canines on the sides act like powerful scissors, assisting them in efficiently cutting up meat and breaking bones.

Their teeth are not just for show; they play a crucial role in the bobcat`s survival and its ability to thrive in the wild!

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Can you guess the species of bird?
It’s a Pinyon Jay! These birds are highly social, often forming flocks ranging from a few to several hundred individuals. Their communal lifestyle involves cooperative breeding and shared responsibilities in raising young birds. What sets them apart is their specialized diet, primarily consisting of pine seeds, especially those from pinyon pine trees. Equipped with pouches in their mouths for seed storage, Pinyon Jays play a crucial role in seed dispersal, contributing significantly to forest regeneration!

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Look at those hands! Raccoons are notorious for their incredibly dexterous front paws, showcasing a remarkable level of manual dexterity not commonly seen in wildlife. This adaptability has allowed them to become urban experts, thriving in both natural and city environments.

Their paw structure, offering flexibility and a keen sense of touch, enhances their problem-solving abilities. Whether foraging for food or investigating their environment, raccoons demonstrate a remarkable combination of agility and sensory skills!

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Look at Porky proudly showing off his 30,000 quills!

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Happy Suberb Owl Day!!

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Porky is only here for the snacks on todays game day!

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Did you know that black bear cubs, at birth, weigh only about 8 to 12 ounces? That`s roughly the size of a human hand! These tiny newcomers are born in a vulnerable state known as altricial. This means they are in a relatively undeveloped and helpless condition, with closed eyes, minimal hair, and an immediate dependence on their mother for survival.

Born in the safety of the den during winter, they gradually grow and develop, with their mother providing crucial warmth, protection, and nourishment through nursing. As they gain strength, their dependence lessens, and they start learning essential survival skills, marking the beginning of their journey towards independence!
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Amidst the recent storms in California, let`s explore how birds of prey, like hawks, stay dry and warm! Their feathers play a crucial role - outer feathers repel water, while down feathers underneath provide insulation. Through preening, these birds distribute natural oils, enhancing their feathers` waterproofing abilities. Seeking shelter in trees or cliffs and adjusting hunting patterns are common strategies.

Physiological features, like a high metabolic rate and specialized blood vessels, help them generate and regulate heat. Despite these adaptations, severe storms can still pose challenges, impacting their food-finding missions and temperature maintenance.

Remember, if you encounter wildlife in distress, reach out to your local licensed wildlife rehabilitator for assistance!

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Did you know that this Great Horned Owl once began as a tiny egg? During its nesting season from February to March, female Great Horned Owls carefully choose nesting sites, often reusing nests from other birds or tree hollows. These birds exhibit impressive maternal instincts as they incubate their eggs, ensuring the proper development of the embryos. As the incubation period progresses, the eggs hatch, revealing adorable owlets such as this patient in the photo!

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Are you interested in working with amazing species like our ambassador American Kestrels? This is your chance! Apply for our Wildlife Education & Ambassador Curator role. Hurry – today`s the last day for priority consideration! Make a lasting impact on wildlife! The link to apply is in our bio!

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In spring, American robins signal warmer days ahead, but where do they go in the winter? While many choose to migrate to warmer regions, some opt to stay in their winter range. Typically, these birds indulge in earthworms, but when the supply dwindles, they switch to berries, fruits, and insects. Additionally, they fluff up for warmth and huddle in flocks at night, using collective body heat as insulation while seeking refuge in trees or shrubs.

These adaptive strategies enable them to make remarkable behavioral adjustments, ensuring their endurance in the face of extreme cold!

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Suns out, quills out! Embracing the sunshine with Porky the Porcupine!

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We`re hiring a full-time, year-round Community Programs Coordinator to join our team! Join us in making a meaningful impact by connecting individuals to the wonders of our natural world!

Visit the link in our bio to learn more. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, with priority given to those submitted by February 11th, 2024.

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Have you ever wondered about the secret language of Black Bears? Surprisingly, it`s not only through vocalization but via scent glands on their footpads of their paws!

These glands produce unique odors, allowing bears to leave scent marks on trees and other surfaces, sharing details about their identity, reproductive status, and mood. This not only helps in social interactions and hierarchy but also significantly reduces conflicts and defines territories within the black bear population. So, next time you spot a scent-marked tree, you`ll know it`s nature`s way of communication!
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It`s that time of year – coyote mating season is here, and sightings are on the rise! From January to March, these clever creatures are in search of mates, forming bonds that can last for years. Coyotes play a crucial role in our environment by managing rodent, insect, and small animal populations, contributing to healthy ecosystems. To coexist peacefully and prevent conflicts, consider these simple ways to make a positive impact!

During their breeding season, taking preventive measures is key. Secure trash cans and eliminate food sources to minimize conflicts. Keep your furry friends on a short lead, close to you at all times. If a curious coyote gets too close, a shout and a wave can help maintain their natural fear of humans. Additionally, think about keeping your cats indoors or using a secure Catio to ensure their safety. Let`s work together as stewards of our urban wild spaces to keep coyotes wild and our pets secure!
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Did you read our latest newsletter? Catherine Mendez, LTWC`s new Executive Director, shares her excitement about the opportunities ahead! We are thrilled to have her join the team!

With a diverse background in non-profit management, conservation, and wildlife rehabilitation, Catherine brings a wealth of experience. Her approach to fostering a better understanding of wildlife and promoting peaceful coexistence is deeply rooted in public education and community engagement.

Join us in congratulating and welcoming Catherine to her new role! To read more, visit the link in our bio!

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Thank you to Pet Station and customers for this incredible giving program! Your generosity is inspiring and very much appreciated! 💙

Yesterday we were able to gather multiple local rescuers together at our warehouse to hand out December Round-Up Checks, Giving Tree donations and coupons for their adoption packs. None of this would be possible without YOU, our amazing customers! Thank you so much for making these programs a reality and supporting the work of these wonderful local organizations.

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🎉The fluffy Mourning Dove that was rescued last week recuperated enough to be successfully released! Thank you to the Wildlife Heroes for bringing it to LTWC, the Animal Care & Release Team for their actions, and to the Donors who made all of this possible! This Dove’s release back into the wild is your success story too! 😍

If you find an injured animal, please call us at 530-577-2273 (care)

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🌟Porky says - the early bird gets the rodent block!💙

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Living with Wildlife in the Tahoe Basin

The Lake Tahoe region is known as being one of the most beautiful places on earth, known for its stunning natural splendor. It’s no surprise that so many people chose to live and visit here! Wildlife are a fundamental part of our region’s environment, and knowing that we are sharing the area with so many beautiful animals is part of what makes this area so special for many of us. Yet, sharing our space with wildlife can bring its own set of challenges. Our bears are adept at getting human food from trash containers, woodpeckers can become house-peckers, and your dog may just come home with a face full of quills if she gets too close to a porcupine. Click below to learn more about the most common human-wildlife conflicts in our area and what you can do to avoid or address these issues yourself.

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