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You’re invited to our Born to Be Wild Baby Shower! Join us for special educational presentations, insights from our rehabilitation staff, and a very special reveal! We’ll unveil the gender of Porky, our beloved ambassador porcupine. Visit this page to learn more!

Our Mission: Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Release

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Giving Nature a Helping Hand

We give mother nature a helping hand by raising and rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife so they may be released back to the wild. Our 27-acre site includes a state-of-the-art animal care facility as well as sophisticated enclosures, allowing us to care for–and successfully release–more injured and orphaned animals.



Raccoon with a bottle





Community Education

What’s New

Did you know that baby Rock Pigeons hatch covered in bright yellow down feathers? Yes, you read that right – completely yellow! These fluffy feathers serve a crucial role, providing insulation and helping regulate the chicks` body temperature during their vulnerable early days.

As they mature, these downy feathers are gradually replaced by the gray plumage characteristic of adult pigeons. In the attached photo, you can still spot some of those distinctive yellow feathers!

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Check out those hungry little ones!

Don’t miss the chance to support our baby shower. We have an array of essential food products on our wishlist! Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a real difference. Visit the link in our bio!

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Did you know baby raccoons are born with an exceptional sense of smell? From finding their mother’s milk to locating food, this olfactory sense is crucial for their survival and communication. Their sense of smell remains vital as they grow, guiding their interactions and helping them navigate their environment.

At our wildlife hospital, we foster their development by encouraging natural behaviors such as foraging. Don’t forget, if you want to support wildlife like this baby raccoon during baby season, join our Born to Be Wild Baby Shower. Learn more in our bio ! 🦝🌿

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Every year, hundreds of wild baby animals are brought to us in desperate need – whether due to sickness, injury, or being orphaned. In their hour of need, it is your unwavering support that becomes their lifeline.

Join us at our Born to Be Wild Baby Shower on Saturday, April 20th, from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. This family-friendly event welcomes all ages and is free to the public, but donations are encouraged. Attendees can enjoy educational presentations, insights from our rehabilitation staff, and a special reveal of Porky, our beloved ambassador porcupine`s gender reveal!

Can’t make it? You can still support local wildlife by donating online or dropping off supplies at our center. Thank you for your generosity!

To donate items from our wishlist and find additional details about the event, please visit the link in our bio!

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Living the leisure life, raccoon-style 💤

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Wow, look at those striking eyes! Great Horned Owl`s eyes aren`t just captivating—they are finely tuned for nighttime hunting. Featuring large pupils and a high density of rod cells, these eyes offer exceptional night vision, allowing the owl to navigate and hunt effortlessly in low-light conditions.

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NOW HIRING! 📣 Join Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care and make a difference for wildlife! Whether you`re seeking seasonal or a full-time commitment, we have opportunities for you. Explore the world of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation today!

Visit the link in our bio to learn more and apply.

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Caught in a stare down with a bushy tailed critter!🐿️

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As spring begins to blossom around us, so does the activity on our roads. At our wildlife hospital, our dedicated team works tirelessly to care for animals in need. However, not all stories have happy endings.

Recently, we admitted an adult skunk injured in a car accident. Upon reviewing the x-rays, we uncovered significant pelvic trauma. The left half of the pelvis appeared completely detached from the spine, with accompanying fractures and misalignment in the tail vertebrae.

Adding to the complexity, there were indications of potential spinal cord damage, raising concerns about neurological deficits. Despite our team`s tireless efforts, this skunk couldn`t be saved.

This story emphasizes a vital message: as spring brings us onto the roads and outside, let`s be mindful. Wildlife shares these paths, and every passing vehicle poses a threat.

So, let`s slow down, watch for our wild neighbors, and give them space. Together, we can ensure safer journeys for all.

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Look at Porky`s bombastic side eye!

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Did you know that a group of raccoons is often referred to as a ‘gaze’ or a ‘nursery’?

Despite this, raccoons are generally solitary animals, foraging and moving alone to establish territories. An exception occurs in maternal bonds; female raccoons nurture their young in dens, caring for them until they’re mature enough to explore independently.

During mating seasons or when food is abundant, raccoons will also form temporary groups without a rigid social hierarchy, showcasing their opportunistic and adaptable nature!

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Have you ever wondered how deer stay warm in freezing temperatures? One of their remarkable survival strategies involves a specialized vascular system known as countercurrent heat exchange, primarily located in their legs. Within these limbs, warm-blooded arteries run alongside cooler veins, creating a counterflow system that transfers warmth from arterial to venous blood.

This heat exchange is particularly vital in cold environments. As deer move through snowy landscapes, it prevents excessive heat loss through their legs, effectively conserving body warmth!

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Have you ever stumbled upon a pile of nuts and seeds? Most likely, it was a winter cache collected by your local squirrel! This cache isn’t just a random assortment; it’s a strategic reserve gathered for survival during the colder months. Through a blend of instinct and learned behavior, squirrels carefully select and bury food items in multiple locations.

As temperatures drop and foraging becomes challenging, these foragers rely on their well-hidden reserves, serving as a nutritional lifeline during the lean winter months when food is scarce!

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Happy World Wildlife Day!

Today, we`re filled with gratitude for our incredible community that continues to make a meaningful impact on wildlife conservation. Your unwavering dedication has been instrumental in providing injured and orphaned animals with a second chance at life. Together, we`ve witnessed the heartwarming journey of recovery and release, creating countless success stories for our wildlife friends.

Thank you for being tireless advocates for wildlife, both big and small!

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Check out that killer smile...literally! Bobcats are carnivores, equipped with a dental toolkit that`s not only impressive but also highly functional. At the front, their sharp incisors are perfect for snagging and tearing up meals. As we move along, those big canines on the sides act like powerful scissors, assisting them in efficiently cutting up meat and breaking bones.

Their teeth are not just for show; they play a crucial role in the bobcat`s survival and its ability to thrive in the wild!

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Can you guess the species of bird?
It’s a Pinyon Jay! These birds are highly social, often forming flocks ranging from a few to several hundred individuals. Their communal lifestyle involves cooperative breeding and shared responsibilities in raising young birds. What sets them apart is their specialized diet, primarily consisting of pine seeds, especially those from pinyon pine trees. Equipped with pouches in their mouths for seed storage, Pinyon Jays play a crucial role in seed dispersal, contributing significantly to forest regeneration!

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Look at those hands! Raccoons are notorious for their incredibly dexterous front paws, showcasing a remarkable level of manual dexterity not commonly seen in wildlife. This adaptability has allowed them to become urban experts, thriving in both natural and city environments.

Their paw structure, offering flexibility and a keen sense of touch, enhances their problem-solving abilities. Whether foraging for food or investigating their environment, raccoons demonstrate a remarkable combination of agility and sensory skills!

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Look at Porky proudly showing off his 30,000 quills!

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Happy Suberb Owl Day!!

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Porky is only here for the snacks on todays game day!

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