Hummingbird being fed at LTWC

LTWC relies on the generous time and support of its volunteers. In addition to caring for wildlife, our volunteers help keep our organization running. Read on to learn how you can help!

LTWC volunteer feeding a baby bird

Care for Wildlife

LTWC wildlife volunteers help feed, care for, transport and release the wild birds and animals that LTWC receives. Before working with directly with wildlife, volunteers must first complete our annual two-day training seminar. The seminar teaches wildlife diets, feeding techniques, housing, first aid, capture and transportation, anatomy and examination, and more — all the training volunteers need to help care for the birds and animals at LTWC.

We will need volunteers more than ever when we transition to our new home. 

Keep an eye on our website for volunteer training. Please contact us with any additional questions.

A young volunteer, helping out at a fundraiser for LTWC.

Lend a Hand

Support volunteers help LTWC in countless ways. They make our fundraisers possible. They help us prepare animal enclosures for our peak season each spring, then help us winterize them again in the fall. They assist with everything from heavy-lifting to stamp-licking.

We will be needing support volunteers more than ever when we transition to our new home. 

If you can lend a hand, please contact us.


Share Your Skills

LTWC receives support from local individuals and businesses who help by sharing their skills and services with us. These include legal assistance, building design and construction services, printing, photography and videography, IT support, website design, and other professional services.

If you can donate a skill, service or product, please contact us.