Walk (or run, bike, hike, ski, or snowboard) for LTWC!

Walk (or hike or bike or ski or snowboard or run) for LTWC!
Walk for a Dog app

Did you know that you can support LTWC whenever you're active outdoors?

If you walk (or hike, run, bike, ski, snowboard, snowshoe, kayak or stand-up paddle) you can support LTWC with every mile by using the Walk for a Dog app on your phone!

For each mile you clock in with the app, Walk for a Dog will donate 11 cents to LTWC!

Here’s how it works:

1) Download the Walk for a Dog app on your iphone or Android smart phone.

2) Sign up as a walker and include your email.

3) Select a dog (you can use your own dog’s name or the name of one you know).

4) Select: California, then Select: Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care.

5) Be sure to confirm your registration on your email.

6) After your registration is confirmed, you are ready to generate income for LTWC!

7) Everytime you go outside to walk, hike, run, ski, snowboard, snowshoe, cycle, kayak or stand up paddle, open the Walk for a Dog app and press “Start Walking”

8) Your location must be turned on; the app will keep track of your mileage and history.

9) The app will turn off if you exceed 30 mph or if it senses that you have not moved for a while.

10) Get Lots of Exercise

11) Get your family and friends to join you using the app for LTWC!

12) If you have problems, please contact Coralin at coralin [at] ltwc [dot] org


What's with the name? Do I need to have a dog?

The Walk for a Dog app was originally developed with the idea of dog owners supporting animal shelters each time they walked their dog. But you do not need to have a dog to participate! You can enter the name of a dog you know, or even the name of an animal that’s staying with LTWC.

Wait, is this going to use data on my phone?

The app does not use any data while you’re active, and only uses a small amount of data when you’re done to credit it to LTWC (note, it doesn’t use any data if you are on Wi-Fi when you finish). The app uses GPS to track your distance without using data.

Doesn't this app support domestic animal shelters, not wildlife shelters?

The Walk for a Dog app does support animal shelters across the US, but Wooftrax approved LTWC as one of its first wildlife rehabilitation beneficiaries in late 2015.

Where does the donation money come from?

Donations are funded by sponsorships and advertising. The more people who participate, the more money that Walk for a Dog can raise and donate!

Help! I'm trying to register and I can't find LTWC anywhere!

First, remember to select California (not Nevada, or any other state), then search for Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, not LTWC. If you are still having trouble, please contact Coralin at coralin [at] ltwc [dot] org.

Help! I'm having other issues installing or using the app.

Please contact Coralin at coralin [at] ltwc [dot] org.

I still have questions.

Visit the Wooftrax FAQ page for more info.